Midwest Therapy Network

Member Benefits

Delivering resources that enhance member value is a core function of Midwest Therapy Network (MTN). MTN members have access to cost saving programs and educational opportunities through our partnerships with various vendors.

All policies, procedures and educational information are available to members online upon logging in.  For further information contact info@midwesttherapynetwork.com.

MTN members have the benefit of:

  • Contracting expertise - MTN looks out for your best interest by dedicating staff to manage the complex insurance contracting process.
  • Delegated credentialing - We provide you with a one-stop resource for payer credentialing.  As a delegated credentialing entity, MTN provides one application to you, conducts primary source verification on your behalf, completes the credentialing process, and notifies payers of your affiliation with MTN.  All processes are electronic and save offices time and resources.    
  • Group purchasing - Our partnerships provide you with access to significantly reduced rates for everything from office and medical supplies to risk management and collection services. 
  • Training and development for your staff - MTN brings subject matter experts to help your practice be successful in a variety of areas.
  • Policies and procedures - MTN collaborates with practice administrators to gather information and develop and share community-wide best practices for topics that every practice faces. 

Midwest Therapy Network